Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Weekly PhD Report 06, week 12 13 14

An update long overdue.

Things done:

  • Worked on analysing some LO evaluation models - this contributes to a book chapter that is due at the end of May 06. It's about reuse of LO evaluations, annotations and ratings in the context of social information retrieval.
  • Worked on creating a new social networking concept for an EUN tool called "school basket". Part of these ideas are under development into a short paper with Jehad and Martin. This will look how school basket type of data can be described in CAM.
  • Attended CALIBRATE meeting (http://calibrate.eun.org)
  • Attended the EUN meeting on learning resources issues. My summary on EUN event on Learning Resources Exchange, at http://insight.eun.org/ww/en/pub/insight/interoperability/monthlyinsight/lre_presentations.htm
  • Hung out with Griff Richards to exchange ideas on the common work done on LO evaluations and cognitive mapping. Envisaged to make a period of studies in Canada, why not?
  • Sent out the Community Consultation on Industrial property (stuff about software patents) to the Commission, text available at: http://wiki.ossite.org/index.php?title=No_eLearning_Patents_Consultation.
    • FYI, almost 500 people have signed the petition by now. We plan to continue the campaign, as it seems that a lot of e-learners are not aware of the ramifications of such EU-wide directive.
  • Finalised a chapter for an "open source for education" book on ten (10) European educational authorities actions regarding FOSS and open content.
  • I've enrolled in the Summer school at http://www.eudoraportal.org/Learn/ip2006/schedule2006/
planned to-dos
  • finalise the paper and the chapter sometime soon
  • plan some work with teachers on folksonomies for the upcoming MELT project

other stuff: