Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Weekly PhD report week 42

Things I've done on week 42:
  • Attended EUN Policy Innovation Meeting about quality in e-learning
    • Presented the EUN framework on quality of learning resources based on the paper that I co-wrote with Frans Van Assche
  • Attended Xchange 2005 meeting in Brimingham
  • Worked on organising a Special Interest Group on quality of learning resources in Europe
  • Prepared the pedagogical workshop for CGIAR

_Things I plan to do this week:_

  • Attend the first e-portfolio plugfest in Cambridge
  • Attend the international Europortfolio 2005 conference in Cambridge where I present a paper on the use of portfolio in teacher training in EU and run a workshop.

Monday, October 24, 2005

testing, no time to write this week,

nor week before for that matter...

Been in Birmingham for Xchange 2005 and tomorrow going to Cambridge for eP Plugfest and Europortfolio 2005.EPICC project

Monday, October 10, 2005

Weekly PhD report week 40

things done last week:

  • attended the HMDB seminar (Jehad's presentation)
  • worked for 2 days on EUN's new concepts for learning resources repository where my brainstorming contributed for ideas in the area of social networking and evaluation of learning resources.
    • The idea of "school bag" was conceived. The "school bag" would do what social bookmarks do on the web; it would be a place where users can create their logs of the learning resources they have used (with some evaluation and "MyTeachingIdea") and also bookmarks on interesting resources within repository ("keep found things found") that the user can use in a later occasion. The bookmarks could, for example, be used by a teacher to create a ready-selected lists of learning resources for learners in a given subject. Furthermore, the idea is that schoolbag could be managed by using tags as labels. Furthermore, the schoolbag would be used as a base for recommendations, but also would allow social navigation.

    • How to integrate social bookmarking services as we know them now on
      the web into acquisition of learning resources within a LOR
  • Worked on the concept of future work in the area of quality in e-learning in-learning and checked any work in Prolearn
  • Worked on a paper for Open source in European education
  • Started a new blog hosted in KUL. Not many things there yet: http://ariadne.cs.kuleuven.be/wordpress/rvuorikari/
things to be done this week:
  • Work on the ped.part of the workshop for ICRAF workshop
  • Conduct business as usual

Friday, October 07, 2005

Weekly PhD report: Week 39

  • Attended ICL 05 in Villach and presented a paper in a workshop called "Can personal digital knowledge artefacts' management and social networks enhance learning?"
    • had some feedback from different people which was valuable for me
  • Thought about how to use the lifecycle of LOs to assure better targeted quality (i.e. fit for purpose) through a Multi-attribute recommender or something.
    • the idea would be to define criteria that represents important qualities of each lifecycle ("whenever I search I want my LOs to have the pedagogical metadata included"; "whenever I search I only want LOs that have been evaluated by other users",..)
    • user could define what do they find important or this could also be extracted automatically based on previous searches logged; phase one is not important to me, phase 2 is important, etc.
    • this would be saved and/or redefined with each search
    • system would render only replies fitting to this criteria
    • this profile could also be for ranking and personalising the search results.

Things I plan to do this week:
  • keep on thinking and reading and re-visiting my research plan