Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A day in 2061 - TEDxBrussels

What a day in TEDxBrussels- 35 speakers of a huge variety talking about the deep future, namely what will it be like in 2061.

Very inspiring, but requires lots of thinking and making connections between things that did not exist before or did not click together before (e.g. much talk about singularity, so I really had to re-fresh my memories about Kurtzweil's book, a good thing that Matt was there to help me!).

Here is my top talks:
  • Leila Janah Absolutely the best "TEDTalk" of the day, just like what you would expect. She's smart, has a dream, then a vision and an idea, and able to make things happen. This talk was actually very inspiring for me, I really dig her idea and the fact that she was able to make it happen (and make it to TEDxTalks :)
  • Peter Hinssen This guy had a challenge to be the 34th speaker of the day - boy, we were pretty tired at that point! He was good and able to energise us - and he talked about health care (about the most boring topic on my list). Regardless, he made it interesting and he made strong statements, like that he's the S-curve guy (as opposed to exponential curve, which was the underlying message of the remaining 30 talks).
  • Rudy Rucker (video not yet online when I posted, must be coming soon) I like some of the science fiction just because it's so freaking innovative and mind-blowing. So this sweet looking, gray-haired dude turns out to be one of the early CyberPunks - and he is still totally out there! Check his predictions for year 3000 - we no longer produce things, we grow them.
  • Rob Spence One particular thing about TEDTalks is that they are always sooo personal. They always tell something touchy about themselves, which after a few rounds gets pretty boring. Not so with this guy. After loosing his eye, he now replaced it with a video camera and he's talk is about pimping up humans with machines (the cyborg stuff) - really cool.
  • Andrew Hassel A talk about science and biology in 2061. Very well composed and making a point about open science.
  • Eileen Bartholomew Her talk is informative if you are interested in snooping out what the next X PRIZE challenge might be.
Probably any of the other videos are also worth of your 8 or 18 minutes. Some of the space travel stuff was fascinating too.

Monday, November 07, 2011

About dual licencing: Creative Commons and commercial work

Can I make money with Creative Commons?
Examples of how other people can use your photos under Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA)
  • My travel photo from Prague used in an online travel guide
  • My travel photos from South-Pacific
  • Btw, I was asked if I wanted to be part of this
  • Other examples that I was not aware of, but they were allowed to use my picture.

custom license