Friday, June 04, 2010

Interesting opportunity: Professor of Digital Ecosystems

I've always enjoyed the drive of Tallinn University. This job application shows that they have both a good hunch of what is going on, but also style. Application deadline already on June 10, 2010. Tallinn - why not?

The Institute of Informatics invites applications for a position of Professor of Digital Ecosystems.

The Institute of Informatics has undertaken a major development by evolving international programmes and research groups in ICT.

The significant part of ongoing research in the institute is focusing on social media ecosystems in the context of e-learning, e-governance, e-participation and network enterprise. Our international R&D team is using mainly participatory design research approach and intervention studies to envisage and develop prototypes of the next generation social media tools, with the special attention to their semantic interoperability, identity management, user experience design, activity pattern mining and semantic annotation for metadata.

The successful applicant for a professorship is expected to make a significant contribution to the development of the Interactive Media and Knowledge Environments master curriculum as well as of the Information Society Technologies PhD curriculum. (S)he is also expected to supervise PhD and master students, to be a mentor for less experienced teachers of the institute, to develop new initiatives and to start a research programme related to the field of professorship.

The employment period for the position is for 5 years and shall undergo re-elections after that. Tenure at Tallinn University can be achieved after two successful periods. The new position has been established with a significant financial contribution from European Social Fund.

Details of the position and application procedures: Tallinn University Employment Rules Tallinn University, Institute of Informatics, Deadline of applications: June 10, 2010. Expected start of the work January 1st, 2011.