Tuesday, September 04, 2018

New Year's Resolution 8: «Los cuatro muchachos de Liverpool»

This month's Spanish culture discovery is a bit weak. I was going to visit the Ceramics Center of Triana, but their opening times are prohibitive for those who work, so even if I pass by every day on my way to work and back, I didn't manage.

I also though about writing about a ceramics/porceline factory called La Cartuja, as I wanted to visit their Outlet store to buy some little neat things, but that didn't happen either. I hope I get around to those two things - eventually...

Instead, my pop-cultural discovery of the month is a Spanish release of the Beatles' album, or a soundtrack, which they call "Que Noche La De Aquel Dia" - a hard days night. I happen to find an LP which, according to the internet, is the second pressing of the album in Spain. It's not from 1964, but  like these guys say, it's from1982. It looks like this:
The cover is different to both the first
Spanish pressing and the UK version (says this site)

The LP was first released in Spain in October 10 1964. It's actually pretty curious to think that during the hard core Franco time, the release was allowed. I need to talk to people whose parents were young then, maybe they remember and have some memories to tell.

Googling a bit around, I found this interesting exposition from 2016 in Barcelona which was about banned rock songs during the Franco time. The Guardian writes the following: 
From 1960 to 1977 the four censors working the afternoon shift at the Directorate of Popular Culture in Madrid banned a total of 4,343 songs on grounds of their sexual, blasphemous or politically subversive content.

Most songs cited in it are from the 70's or so, nothing that early as 1964 though. Maybe pop was so pop already then that no one was able to find it offensive ;p

Regading the reference to the film and Spanish industry to produce their own, in this book, I found an interesting passage about popular films at that epoque, which I should try to find and see!!

Epiloque: as after finishing the post, I could not stop googling around about the topic, I found this interesting article which explains the heading.

Mental note: study the perception of Western pop music in Spain in the early 60s and its own response to it, e.g. https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Los_chicos_con_las_chicas