Monday, September 03, 2012

FP7 priorities for Creativity and Learning

Over the summer holidays, EU's new FP7 priorities for 2013 funding were communicated. Challenge 8. is related to learning, namely called "ICT for Creativity and Learning"
...Europe must also support national efforts to help students to learn better, teachers to teach better, and school systems to become more effective. This goal can be greatly advanced by learning systems that can adapt to effective use in a wide variety of diverse contexts.
Under 8.2 (technology enhanced  learning), they also mention Learning Analytics:
b) Learning analytics, educational data mining: tools and processes for collecting, storing, exploring and reasoning on large-scale educational data to better understand learners' knowledge, assess their progress and evaluate environments in which they learn. These tools and processes should aim at improving learning and teaching (including 21st century skills) for students and instructors.  
Learning analytics has now become such a hot topic. So, like all the others, I'm also studying the topic. Here is a link to my recent paper on learning analytics. I presented it this summer at “Open and Social Technologies for Networked Learning” in Tallinn.