Friday, October 07, 2005

Weekly PhD report: Week 39

  • Attended ICL 05 in Villach and presented a paper in a workshop called "Can personal digital knowledge artefacts' management and social networks enhance learning?"
    • had some feedback from different people which was valuable for me
  • Thought about how to use the lifecycle of LOs to assure better targeted quality (i.e. fit for purpose) through a Multi-attribute recommender or something.
    • the idea would be to define criteria that represents important qualities of each lifecycle ("whenever I search I want my LOs to have the pedagogical metadata included"; "whenever I search I only want LOs that have been evaluated by other users",..)
    • user could define what do they find important or this could also be extracted automatically based on previous searches logged; phase one is not important to me, phase 2 is important, etc.
    • this would be saved and/or redefined with each search
    • system would render only replies fitting to this criteria
    • this profile could also be for ranking and personalising the search results.

Things I plan to do this week:
  • keep on thinking and reading and re-visiting my research plan

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