Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Weekly PhD Report 51-52

  • Spent time writing a part for a paper "An Overview of Learning Object Repositories" with Argiris Tzikopoulos, Nikos Manouselis. Argis has made a survey on 59 repositories, and I was asked to help writing a part of it. I wish to send you this paper for comments later this week.
  • Worked on a proposal for a book chapter which would be called "Towards Interoperable Social Recommendation: Storing, Sharing, and Reusing Evaluations of Learning Objects". The idea would contribute to Jehad&all's Log specifications. This would also be used for recommendation purposes. See the attachment for more information.
  • Played around with swicki, see:
    • Swickis are community search engines that learn from users

  • Checked out, the new hot tool for community reviewing of news.
  • Worked on application on social recommendation with Julien, Ben and Bram. We were not able to make it search Ariadne yet, but should be feasible soon.

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