Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Back to school...surfing my way away (first day)

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Back to summer school... what happened, did I flunk last year?

In Tallinn University in Estonia, about 30 Masters and PhD students have gathered together for about 10 days to study current, and recurring, issues in the field of e-learning. We are asked to write personal diaries about our daily-learning. Some random thoughts and rants...

We were given the whole outline of the summer school, how the daily schedule would run, etc. Also, to my delight, on the agenda some special interest groups (SIG). But again, we were told the topics of SIGs by the organisers, like they could somehow know what we are interested in...? However, the organisers were pretty flexible letting us to discuss the SIGs and seems like there will be one on my favorite topic of social software/networks'n'e-learning.

After the day a pal asked me whether my first impression was any different from the last year's summer school conference (which I really hated and considered a total flop from the organisational point of view). I had to say that this pretty much reminded me of my last year's experience (sit in an auditorium for 4 days in a row and get a power-point-presentation-poisoning, slowly drifting away.. checking the Web and answering long overdue mails). This, again, gave me a creepy feeling that I am in a wrong place...however, I said that I remain positive and try to be (pro)active in my learning.

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