Monday, June 26, 2006

What is a good blog made of?

I came across this post that suggests some hints on how to make your blog more attractive for readers.

Of course, every one has their own style, but might be a worthwhile to reflect upon your own blog posting style according to these points.

What comes to my own blogging and these...I must say that as I do blogging solely for myself, I don't really give a dam how it would read for other people. My blog is rather my own diary of things, than a means of communicating my ideas out to the world. Well, this summer school is an exeption, of course!

From Dave Pollard on the art and science of Weblogging:

  1. Engaging (Style): Light, friendly, conversational, down-to-earth. Real, not preachy. Personal, passionate, fun, fresh. Doesn't take itself too seriously. Creates a sense that "we're all in this together". 
  2. Accessible: Simple, tight, articulate, interesting, easy to read. Compare Kathy's writing to mine using established readability criteria:

How to Save the WorldCreating Passionate Users
Average Characters per Word5.14.6
Average Words per Sentence25 (ouch)18
Average Sentences per Paragraph53
Flesch Readability Score (target 60-70)3562
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Grade (target 8-9)129
  1. Useful: Practical, broadly applicable, not just informative. Actionable.
  2. Original: Unique, fresh, stuff you can't find anywhere else.
  3. Uses Images Effectively: Graphics that are attractive, valuable, easy to understand, amusing.
  4. Thoughtful and Thought-Provoking: Brings
    a unique point-of-view. Provides context. Not afraid to be provocative,
    but not in your face about it. Not knee-jerk or dismissive. Carefully
    worded. A conversation-starter -- gives you something to talk with others about, and to send to others to invite them to a conversation.
  5. Generous: Respectful, giving, modest, no bullshit or condescension. 
  6. Focusing on What's Important: Asks and answers the questions others are asking themselves, or should be asking themselves. Gets to the point.
  7. Positive: Upbeat. Enthusiastic. Energized. Makes the reader feel good, empowered.
  8. Credible: Not beyond the author's competencies. Reinforced with relevant, valuable first-person stories.
  9. Just the Right Length: Not cryptic, cute, obscure or verbose.
  10. Honest: Not afraid to tackle complex issues or admit not having all the answers. Candid. Reasonable. Balanced. Open. Genuine.

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