Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tomorrow BlogWalking in Amsterdam

Pretty exiting, high expectations - how could I describe the anticipation better than that? I've known Sebski for a few years now, and what brought us close in the first place, was the dislike of seminars. Then, back in the day, we were stuck in Turkey.

Sebastian told me about this undefined group of people who would piggyback any conference or other happening to get together and just walk around and talk about things. Things that matter and are important to this group of people who happen and choose to be there at that time. Things that they care about and feel passionate about. Related to networked technologies and such. I took all that in like a little gal (yes, I'm still a little girl) - and felt a bit jealous not never have been part of it.

Well, you live and you learn - tomorrow I'll be wondering around Amsterdam with BlogWalkEleven.

No rules but one - you are responsible for keeping your self interested, no-one else will do it for you. This is so cool. Will most likely let you know more about it - if worth..

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