Monday, May 07, 2007

Workshop on Social Information Retrieval in Technology-Enhanced Learning (SIRTEL07)

Good news! The workshop proposal for EC-TEL 07 was accepted, so I will be co-organising my first workshop on social information retrieval techniques in support of learning and teaching later this September.

The tag line will be "We use people to find content, we use content to find people" by Morville. On the other hand, maybe it should be "We use digital traces to find people, and we leave digital traces to be found"..

Two main focuses: Recommender systems and Social navigation

The list of topics will be LONG, but I put it in here as an appetiser:

  • Defining the scope, purpose and objects of social information retrieval in TEL
  • Recommender systems and collaborative filtering in educational settings
  • Novel ways of generating input information for recommenders in the area of learning and teaching
  • Ranking of search results to support individualised learning needs
  • Folksonomies, tagging and other collaboration-based information retrieval systems
  • Social navigation processes and metaphors for searching information related to teaching and learning
  • Analysing social interactions in learning communities and social networks on the Web to facilitate information sharing and retrieval
  • Approaches to TEL metadata that reflect social ties and collaborative experiences in the field of education
  • Interoperability of SIR systems for TEL
  • Integrating SIR services in existing learning management systems
  • Visualisation techniques to support social navigation in learning and teaching
  • Semantic annotation and tagging for social information retrieval purposes
  • Evaluating the performance of SIR systems in educational applications
  • Measuring the effectiveness of SIR systems in supporting learning and teaching
  • Evaluation the user satisfaction with SIR systems in supporting learning and teaching

The idea is that as this is the first European workshop on the topic, we will try to scout out who are there to work on this topic and set the ground for better future collaboration . Of course we wish to run the workshop again, not as a pre-workshop , but really as a part of the main show.

Voila, more info to come shortly and the website for the call!

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