Monday, August 06, 2007

Inspirational wine tasting and the magical web2.0

This is SO funny, I was always wondering how wine-tasters come up with those weird and sometimes hallucinative descriptions of wine. Now I know, thanks to Wine library tv!

During our 3,5 weeks sailing trip we discussed (and yep, also drank) quite a lot about wine and web 2.0. Dan, the co-skipper, got really inspired about recommenders and the web 2.0 stuff. Having been on the boat for the last 3 months in a row, he'd of course missed a few things going on. So, we had enough time to catch up on lots of things and also to make a concept for a wine-soso-small-producer-mash-up.

On my return to the land of Internets, I took a few hours to see what has already been done on wine and web 2.o. Am I right, or far off, if I say that wine inspires lots of web apps (well, I guess in many sense..), maybe just up on the top there with all the sex business?

Certainly seems like that. Anyway, a cool, well-needed API was released by related to their cataloque of wines. I think it's cool that they syndicate the information about their cataloque, but more importantly, how they syndicate all the metadata about the wine, too. I must say, though, that I agree about the comments related to naming all the elements category, instead of giving clear names like year, country, producer. Now, that would be re-usable!

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