Monday, November 05, 2007

Open social and education

I wonder who is going to come up with the first OpenSocial app or widget for educational use? We certainly are talking about it, for example for our eTwinning platform. It could be cool to be able to use information about teachers collaborative networks to allow, say, better retrieval of learning resources relevant for the project, purpose or task that teachers are undertaking; link with some other sources that teachers are working on through cool widgets, etc.

I never thought that Facebook, which has lately become really popular among my friends (not early adapters), would be the seul app that would "take it all". I was glad to read this:
"The market has already decided that there's going to be a long tail of social networks, and that people are going to belong to more than one. As soon as you belong to more than one, this kind of interoperability is critical," Dash says. "Open standards win every time." wired

Hurray for open standards!

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