Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm not a happy bunny with Leopard, grrr

Oh my, just gotta say this out loud! I'm not happy to have the new Leopard running on my Mac, really not :(

It's not that I'm very picky about things not working smoothly, after all, before switching back to Mac I ran only Linux on my desktop for about a year and a half. It wasn't always easy for a non techky user like me (I still get pimples if I have to use command line...), but I wanted to give it a try. After all, at that time I talked a lot about using FLOSS in education. So to know what to talk about, I needed to do it myself.

About Leopard. Last drop today was that I can not get one of my favourite widgets working, namely Screenshot plus. They claim they became Leopard compatible, but bullocks, it still does not work. And that is not the only thing!

My Mail crashes about five times a day, luckily still saving the email drafts. And that is a Mac native application, what the hec?? I also use OpenOffice, probably the only individual in the world to do it on Mac. But hey, after all I bought a Mac 'cause I did not want to use MS programmes.

So, OO became REALLY slow and it does not support all the keyboard shortcuts or virtual keyboard language selections (I use Finnish and US keyboard and switch a lot). This makes my work really sucky.

It's not actually only OO that became slow, it the whole computer. I constantly use all my virtual memory, 1.5Gb, which does not seem to be sufficient for this hungry animal. All the searches within the computer are really slow too.

Yes, also the Java support is inexistent, and I have no idea how to deal with that.

Well, I feel much better now. Thanks god there are blogs to vent out... whew..


vuorikari said...

Ok, now I restarted and Screenshot plus works. What is this, the beauty of OSX is that you never have to restart...

Gijs de Bakker said...

Did you do a clean install or upgrade? I did a simple upgrade and am experiencing a lot of problems as well (slowness, kernel panics, apps crashing). But I read about many people having suffered similar problems, being trouble-free after a clean install. So that is what I will do when my ext. HD arrives...

vuorikari said...

Thanks for the hint. I asked around a bit, seems like that is a thing to do. Pheew, maybe I can put that on ToDo for 2008 ;)