Sunday, January 06, 2008

My Photo in a travel guide: innovative use of Creative Commons

We often times hear about "innovative use of new technologies" or how "new licensing schemes offer innovative ways to use content". Unfortunately, too little of that is seen in the real life and too little of it comes to your way. This time I was happily surprised, though.

One of my travel photos on Flickr, which I always put a Creative Commons license on, was selected as a runner-up for an online travel guide. They contacted me through Flickr account and asked if I wanted to submit my photo into their Travel guide. Hell yes, I though, it would be fun to have one of my pics up.

My photo now is the main picture of Cafe Imperial, a cool Art Nouveau style cafe in Prague. I found the cafe a few years ago when in Prague, Matt and I had passed by it during the day and decided to go there for dinner. I had a really good Stroganoff, the one that has a true Russian flavour to it. It was a great dinner in a great place, and now I have a memory of it in a travel guide. Funny how things go!

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