Friday, March 14, 2008

Hole in the wall-experiment and eTwinning

The eTwinning conference is just kicked-off by the Commissionaire Figel here in Bucarest.

I'm very exited to hear the keynote speaker Dr. Sugata Mitra who will speak in a few hours. He is the one who made the most exiting (OK, that's my idea of it) experiment with kids and computers, namely, made a "hole" in a wall at the slum in Delhi to allow unprivileged kids to access computers and the Internet. He came up with something that he calls "Minimal Invasive Education", which allows kids to learn without formal instruction.

So, more about him later, I already had a chance to have a beer with him last night, but I'm really looking forward to some more question time with him. I saw that Downes talked very highly about one of his previous speeches.

Tomorrow I will have 3 workshops in a row to talk about social bookmarking and social tagging with teachers.

Update: I have blogged about the speech at FlossePosse the audio of his excellent (!!) keynote is available there too. Dr. Mitra is so inspiring that you just want to leave everything that you are doing now and start working for him!

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