Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Teachers as Netpromotors of digital content

I made a survey with 28 teachers from different European countries on multilingual learning resources. You can find those 28 resources from this list. Our portal has a lot of multilingual resources that come from a variety of Ministries of Education in Europe.

But - we do not know for sure whether teachers find resources useful that come from different countries than they do, and that are in different languages than they speak. Hence my little survey. You can read more details here.

We only considered responses from teachers who came from different countries than the 18 resources did that we had in our survey. Quick round of results:
  • 43% of respondents found resources, which came from a different country than they did, of use for preparation purposes.

  • 41% of respondents found resources, which came from a different country than they did, of use for teaching purposes.

  • 65% of respondents said that they would share these resources, or parts of them, with their colleagues and friends.

  • Even 35% of respondents, who said they did not have expertise in the given subject area, thought that they would share the resource with their colleagues
These were the results on a scale 1-5 (n=254)

It made me think that:

a) If teachers use multilingual or foreign language resources, they most likely use them both for preparatory purposes and for teaching purposes. We do not know, though, whether they would use the resource in their teaching themselves or let pupils interact with this resource.

b) Teachers are good filters. More teachers said that they would be willing to share resources with their colleagues than actually use them themselves. It might be that this happens with a resource, which they think is interesting, but does not match to their curriculum goals for the year. They might say, "Hey, my colleague would love this, I'll send it to her!" This is the basic mechanism of viral marketing, how can we leverage this on a learning portal?

c) "Would you like to share it with your colleagues" is one of the key questions when studying customer satisfaction and loyalty, topic that we in learning repositories often neglect. If teachers are happy users, or if teachers find good material on the portal, they can become promoters of those resources. This might be very important especially when we deal with resources that are in multiple languages, because sometimes it is hard to discovery those resources.

If we take the teachers in the survey, we could calculate the Net Promoter Score by subtracting the % Detractors (e.g. the ones in my survey who rated this 1 or 2 on the scale 1-5) from the % Promoters (e.g. the ones in my survey who rated this 4-5).

Take the case for sharing: it would be 65% -22% =43%. That is a pretty good net promoter score, most companies have it around 5 to 10%, and it is very unusual to have it above 50%.

This can indicate that teachers are willing to put their credibility on the line by recommending a resource that comes from a different country than they do to a friend!

Now, I just have to think of the best way to do this ;)

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