Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mind those backups! - stolen laptops

Oh boy, my digital misery does not seem to be over yet! After having my home broken into and my laptop stolen, I was dead-happy that the evil-minded robber left my external, one terabite back-up hard-drive right where it was, about 50 cm away from from the laptop that s/he stole.

Now about 10 days later I'm typing away using my new MacBook Pro. I must say that I was pretty happy to have restored my "life" using Time Machine, only about a week's worth of back-ups was missing. It felt great to log-in to my own desktop, have my applications restored just like that, and just start using my laptop like nothing happened. I even pledged to always do my backups.

Then I started noticing little things. Ops, my address book is missing. My bookmarks and passwords are missing in Firefox. Then, I wanted to upload a file, and I realised that ALL MY FILES ARE MISSING! WTF?

Those files are, for sure, on the back-up hard-drive, I can access them there. But for some reason, when importing "my life" from Time machine, it omitted to import my files. Hey, big deal, at least the file structure is there..dah.

Now I'm trying to discover an easy way to do that. I am finding all kinds of not so nice things on Time machine, like this.

Ok now, time to roll up my sleeves and start digging out those files. So far this post looks promising.

As a lesson learned: mind your back-ups!

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