Monday, December 22, 2008

Share early: Paper on Evidence of cross-boundary use and reuse of digital educational resources

I finally sent off my paper to a journal. Exiting. The first comment was to cut it shorter by about 2500 words, even before they started reviewing it. Outch, I think I managed to do it, I have a copy of it here:

Vuorikari, R., Koper, R. (submitted). Evidence of cross-boundary use and reuse of digital educational resources. pdf
ABSTRACT: In this study we conducted an investigation on the server-end log-files of teachers’ Collections of educational resources in a number of content platforms. Our goal was to find empirical evidence from the field that teachers use and reuse learning resources that are in a language other than their mother tongue and originate from different countries than they do. We call these cross-boundary learning resources. We compared the cross-boundary reuse of educational resources to the general reuse figure of 20%, and find that it was either equal to or less than the general reuse. We further studied the coverage, the overlap and the pick-up rate of these resources, and propose steps that could improve the probability of discovery, use and reuse of cross-boundary resources.

I actually have a new academic homepage too, check it out

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