Monday, May 11, 2009

ICT Call 5 info days: European Schoolnet

I'm attending Call 5 infodays tomorrow for European Schoolnet. Here are a few things that we've been working with lately that could be relevant. The speakers look interesting, check them here.

For Large data sets:
  • eTwinning schools: more than 60 000 teachers have signed up. Stats available here. Now with eTwinning 2.0, new data will be available for new types of "connections" and "links" that teachers have.
  • Social Bookmarking data by teachers on learning resources residing on a number of different learning resource repositories in Europe. Some ManyEyes visualisation available to see different types of "connections" or "links" created.
Personal sphere
  • Would be interesting to study how is the personal sphere of a teachers in these days!
Some related slideshows:

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