Thursday, June 25, 2009

My tag paper nominated for best paper award 2009

I'm pretty exited that one of my papers for ICWL 09 was among the 5 best paper nominees. For a some time now I've been wondering what does it take to write a paper that arises above the general mass of papers. Well, now I have a bit better idea :)

What does it take? Reading tons of research papers, write a few (un)successful ones to practice, a good inspiring topic, some research work with ppl who are truly interested in what they are doing, and voila!

I also like how Celstec, OUNL (where I study), picked it up for their news feed. I think that over all, they have a pretty neat way to recognise what's going on and make others aware of it too. A modest person as I am, I would never make any fuss about it.... right.. ;)

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