Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Palm Pre - I wonder when it might come to Europe?

Already for a long time I've been ready to say goodbye for Nokia. This is a big statement from someone from Finland whose grown up with Nokia. Mind you, when you kid/growing up you wear Nokia rubber boots. Your bike tires are Nokia. I bet at one point there was also toilet paper that they produced, among other things like cable and TVs. And then - the first kännys, the mobile phones in early 90' (Btw, they were not called gsms back in the day, as we used anotehr standard called NMT with much better coverage in vaste areas like in Lapland).

So, my whole active mobile phone user time (which in my case started already in early 80's, dad had a mobile phone in the car which we used to tell mom to turn on sauna when returning from summer house. You actually had to go by a dispatcher and push to talk!) I've stayed fidel to Nokia, and mostly Communicator, which I have had since '03 or something (when they came up with the 2 model).

Anyway, everything turned sour with the last Communicator that I had (E something). They've cut down the awsome shortcuts that used to be there and everything became too heavey and hard to use. Also, the size did not get any smaller. But I did not want to buy an iPhone either, I think no cool kids use iPhone. All the other phones are infested with all Microsoft this and that from which I prefer to shun away. So when I heard about Pre Palm, I took a look at it with no presumptions of the past (I used to hate palms and despite ppl who choose to use such an inferior technology - go and figure)

I so want it, this review is really good. I wonder if I have to wait until they come to Europe or can I buy it from the US? Well, actually just checked on it, by Christmas - geee, that's some waiting.

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