Thursday, October 01, 2009

Educational take - danah boyd: American Teens & Social Media

danah boyd has put something really important in words in this little video, it's related to the use of social media (applicable to all ICTs and mobile technologies) in education. If in a hurry, fast-forward to about 5.30 of the video:

Teens need to know boundaries, norms and how society works, and this should be taught through using social media, i.e. the tools that they use anyway .
The reason that "because kids are doing it" it not a good reason to start teaching about social media in schools. "Pedagogy and understanding of the tools, are two key pieces of knowledge that teachers must have before entertaining the idea of bringing social media into the classroom. Information sharing is relevant to education..."

A valid point made for teachers continuous professional development!

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Niilo Alhovaara said...

Pretty darn good. Sure, it's from the US point of view but most of it applies to good old Europe as well - no doubt about it. Will pass it on!