Saturday, January 10, 2009

Where does a CC-licence take you?

..or better, your photos? Some time ago one of my pics was "selected" for a travel guide from Prague. That was pretty cool and I really appreciated it. Tonight, I was checking my Flickr stats and noticed that one photo had been viewed many times recently. So I looked what's up with that.

I followed the referrals. Here are the top 3 sources, some other hits were through search engines for generic keywords like ski, etc.

1. It was the main picture on the Facebook group for Sankt-Anton fans.

2. It was on a Yahoo! travel website for best skiing in America. They had a Flickr badge with some random ski shots, et voila moi! (see the small image on the right corner)

3. The funniest of all, though, is that it is one some German photo website where the dude discussed how the picture should have been framed differently! Hmm..I think my boyfriend, who took the picture, did not appreciate this lesson..

It's just kinda weird to find yourself in odd places on the web, but hey, isn't that what the creative commons license is supposed to allow. So this is just one consequence of it, I guess.

Talking about odd places to be on the Web, the other night my Google alerts had picked up that my blog post appeared on a porno site. Sure enough, there after lots of photos of youknowwhat, were feeds from my latest blog post. Pretty hilarious... I don't recommend clicking on the link, but you can read the paper though!

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