Monday, January 30, 2012

My favourite teen girls blogging

I was checking quickly the web for references on teens, especially girls, and how do they use social media nowadays. Having an opportunity to spend time with my nieces every once in a blue moon, it's fun to see how they embrace social media.

14% of online teens now say they blog, down from 28% of teen internet users in 2006. (Pew, 2010)

Teens are now beginning to resemble their elders in their likelihood of blogging, as about 12% of adults have consistently reported blogging since February 2007. This decline is also reflected in the decline of the number of teens (Pew, 2010)

Last summer I helped my god-daughter (11), to start her own blog. Today, I received an email saying she had started a new one and had deleted the old one. This one is about her favourite receipts, she likes to bake muffins. A few hours later came a mail from her older sister (15) about her new blog, on nails, a topic she is, ehem, rather obsessed with.

Even before starting their own blogs, they've been reading blogs from other teens a lot. Mostly about hobbies, like pets and nails. It came out last summer, kind of a roundabout way, that my god-daughter would maybe be interested in starting her own blog. I asked her if she wanted us to do it together, and so we sat down to get it started, check how to post, choose templates, etc. By now, she's taught it to her older sister, who after a long time contemplating on the name of her blog (this was a major discussion item over the Christmas), finally got started with hers.

I enjoy seeing them as "doers" on the Web rather than as just readers and passive receivers. It's also fun that it's something that I can help them with. I think it's funny, though, that they are interested in blogs! No one blogs these days anymore, after all, everything can be expressed in 140 characters! - but I guess teenage girls - and me...wonder if this is a start of a new trend?

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