Monday, January 07, 2013

Reading habits (paper based and web) by Finnish youth

The PISA results have since 2000 highlighted how Finnish 15-year olds excel in math, science, reading, etc. This report gives an interesting look into Finnish youth's reading habits, it includes both digital and paper-based media. Interestingly, we again find out that computers and ICTs are not often used for learning purposes, at least not in a formal learning setting (i.e. school, homework).   

Some outcomes (hastily) translated :
Since 2000, Finnish young people are reading the most variety of literature among 26 participating countries. The "reading index" that tracks the variety of reading, e.g. magazines, comics, literature (fiction and non-fiction) and newspapers is statistically decreasing in all countries. Apart from fiction and non-fiction book, Finnish youth reads less printed material. It is likely that the printed material has been replaced by, among other things, online reading and communication

In general, the use of web-based material among Finnish youth is at about average among PISA countries. In schools, however, computers are not used as actively as at home. In Finland, students seek less information on the Internet to help with homework and they rarely discuss their homework assignments online. Instead, the use of computer at home is mainly for pleasure purposes in Finland.

Parviainen (2012) Suomalaisnuorten lukemisen ja verkon käytön monipuolisuus

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