Monday, September 26, 2005

Weekly PhD report: Week 38

  • Thought about how to harness the power of social bookmarking in the context of a LOR. This is related to my research question about recommendation system based on social networking, but also to an initial problem within EUN's repository:
    • Many resources used by teachers are links to webpages. Teachers don't feel like adding them into a repository. If they are encouraged to use social bookmarking tools on the web, how could we make sure that the resources can be re-used in our LOR?
    • What service to use? If use delicious, for instance, should the date be left on their server and use an API to integrate it into EUN's services? Or should the data be entered into our repository - incompatibility of the elements. some analysis of a few bookmark exports in a table of the attachment
    • Also, how could the social part of collaborative filtering be taken advantage of in the context of a LOR?
    • Social bookmarks on the Web are what a "shopping basket" (integrated in CELEBRATE, teachers could bookmark LOs that they found interesting for later use) is for a LOR.
    • A memo about the initial research questions in this context as attachment.
    • on-going thinking

  • Reading "Linked" by Barabazi.
    • Made my think whether the links between social bookmarks and their users should be analysed and maybe visualised and if yes, for what reason.
    • Some discussions about this with Joris and Nikos (from KHT).
    • on-going thinking

  • Worked on my ICL presentation: Thought about a classification for end-user authoring tools on the Web 2.0:
    • Webpublishing tools: weblogs and wikis
    • Content syndication tools: Webfeeds'readers (RSS, Atom, ..)
    • Tracking services: Technorati, and what's after that?
    • Artefacts' management and social networking: Flickr, Delicious,
    • hybrid services combining parts of above.

  • Read and thought about Web 2.0 and found these images very inspiring:
  • Contributed in co-writing a proposal for a chapter "An Overview of Learning Object Repositories" for a book called “Learning Objects for Instruction: Design and Evaluation” with some old project partners from
Informatics Laboratory
Division of Informatics, Mathematics & Statistics
Dept. of Science, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece
    • As a part of an eContent project they have done a review of 59 LOR, but their main focus is on agri-topics.
  • Finalised a co-authored paper for Europortfolio 2005 on "National policies and case studies on the use of portfolios in teacher training"

  • Drafted a paper for Open Source for Education in Europe called "Open Content and Source: European Schoolnet Riding the Wave"

  • my readings for the week can be found at:

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