Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Weekly PhD Report 06, week 1

work done:

  • Started an extensive review on recommendation systems, especially looking for papers on LORs and social networks
    • I'm looking especially design requirement and needs for LO recommender system, but interested in dilemmas found in the field and open questions such as what would the benefit of having a distributed service over a centralised one, etc.
  • Worked on the book chapter on LORs that I sent you a while ago.
  • Worked on a plan for the year and looked into some possible collaboration paths with people, namely picked up on an idea to write something with David Tosh from ELGG.
  • Tried to revitalise the plan for NING developments in vain
  • Kept Furling my reading and findings:

work to be done:

  • Continue my reading and note taking on recommendation systems
  • finalise the book chapter
  • write a scenario for Jehad on using the logs for LO review purposes
  • work on a plan to run a pilot on Ning
  • keep up the good spirit

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