Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Weekly PhD Report 06, week 2

Work done this week:
  • Participated in the HMDB lunch about clustering
  • Worked on the bookchapter about LORs.
    • The good news: the deadline has been extended until the end of the month, so we'll have time to adapt it according to some comments (Thanks Jehad and Martin!)
    • I'll send a new version around later this week in case someone wants to give it another try
  • Continued my paper review on different types and applications of recommender systems
  • Started working on my more precise research questions, hurray!
  • Checked a new application called It's a social networking tool where you can find, review and talk about what's going on in your neighborhood, meaning in SF and a few other big cities in the US.
    • They have it all what you need nowadays for a YASNS (Yet Another Social Networking Service, you can add your network of friends, profiles and a Firefox toolbar for a direct search.
  • Tried to convince my promoter to do my pending administrational paper work

Things to do:
  • I'll start at EUN again, only one day a week and with less to do than last year (oh yeah!)
  • Continue my research reviews
  • Continue to work on my research questions
  • Continue to follow up the EC Patents discussion now with Open Consultation round
  • Put hard pressure on my promoter to finalise my pending administrational paper work.
  • Work on the LOR book chapter

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