Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Recommenders 06

Yesterday after arrival to Bilbao, Spain, some people from the conference got together to go around the town. There was Claudio, Nikos, Jolie and Iilja. So I already had a chance to talk with Claudio Baccigalupo (IIIA-CSIC, Spain) about his research already.

(btw; Blog postings with presentations are found at http://blog.recommenders06.com/)

It's about automatically generating playlists based on Case-based Reasoning (CBR). You can find a demo at http://labs.mystrands.com. As a case base for his recommender he uses uploaded playlists by MyStrands users who have decided to upload them. Then the system analyses them for regarding the order, and when a user says that she wants a playlist with F.Sinatra, the recommender creates one based on previous playlists. Of course, for the system to work well it is desirable to assume that the case base is perfect, i.e. hopefully the playlists are created by semi-professional deejays, and not just with people without any understanding of how songs actually best fit together to have a nice flow.

Fun, will play around with it!


jan said...

Bilbao is in Euskadi, the bask country ...

vuorikari said...

hmm...still, to me, that counts as being part of a country called Spain. but thanks for pointing out.