Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Recommenders06 - round table and attention

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As the round table discussion drifted from one thing to another, some things penetrated my attention - specially when the discussion was about business models and future trends. It was mentioned that convergences between things are found, lilke the pact with Apple and Nike.

It made me think further about the labour intensiveness of the social applications on the web; you have to add your user profile, friends, music taste, etc to make it fun to work with (some automatisation exist, but not quite..). The same thing with recommenders, first I spend time to rate movies in MovieLens to get some recommendations. Then I go to to buy some movies or books, and they don't know shit about my taste as I haven't been shopping exclusively there.

Someone mentioned "Universal profile", which apparently has been thought of at some point in the past. To me that sounds like a really bad idea. That should be a mother big profile, a real monster to keep all info about me and my intentions and attentions.

The idea of using Attention metadata ( kind of solution would be better. I own my attention, and I choose how much of it I want to share with a commercial entity to get better recommendations.

Some current work going on Attention XML and Attention Metadata here: Collecting, Managing and Exploiting of Rich Usage Information at International ACM Workshop

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