Monday, June 02, 2008

In what languages are the resources that end-up in collections?

Well then, I guess that will be a no-brainer...

In this visualisation, you can see the languages of resources (e.g. English) as nodes and the languages of users as edges (e.g. en, de..).

If you click, for example, on English, lot of edges are highlighted. Those are the mother tongues of users who have bookmarked these resources. After little bit of playing, you'll find that English resources, and the ones with no languages, seem to be most popular with users.

However, it is cool to see that resources in other languages also end up in users' collections. Here, for example, you can see that Czech (sorry for misspelling) are used also by users with Polish and Lithuanian as mother tongue.

More analyses are needed to give you any numbers, but this already is an interesting insight.

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